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Piling and Dock Repair

We offer owners the peace of mind while they enjoy their waterfront properties. Our professionals examine your pilings and docks to ensure they are functional and built to last. We can rebuild or repair your docks and pilings.

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Bulk Head Protection

We install, repair and rebuild bulkheads and seawalls to strengthen them for years of protection and stability with our Patent Pending system. They were built to protect your property, but bulk heads require maintenance to ensure protection continues.



Continue to enjoy your waterfront property with our dock/deck construction and repair services. In addition to new docks and deck restorations, we offer maintenance and cleaning services.

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Our free inspection will identify any plant and/or marine animal damage to the structures and we also check the hardware for rust and corrosion damage. For professionals you can trust to work with you during every step of the project, call Deep South Dock and Piling at (985) 774-5788.

Stop time, plants and animals from ruining your investment.
Maintenance is essential to ensuring your property withstands the test of time.

Stop bugs, worms and plants from destroying your property. At some point, you will have to deal with the beautiful nature you enjoy trying to take over your property. We work hard to stop marine life from taking over your property.

Our experienced professionals will work to stop the damage caused by nature and time.

From protecting your property against everything from wood boring worms, shipworms and gribbles to plants that wrap themselves around your docks and decks, Deep South Dock and Piling Restoration® can offer photo evidence of jobs well done to give you peace of mind in hiring our services.

We are just a short drive from areas all along the Gulf Coast.

Years of experience and dedication to rebuilding.

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We are ready to provide quality service and workmanship.